Violent Leftist Wielding Knife Breaks Jaw and Fractures Skull of Pro-Recall Activist in California Ahead of Election

Local affiliate, ABC 7 News reported yesterday that a pro recall activist group rallying with banners above a freeway was attacked. The attack itself was on Sunday. Today is the recall election. It’s unclear when results will start to come out. A man approached the group with a knife and started slashing their banners.

One of the activists tried to stop the knife-wielding man and was viciously attacked. His jaw was broken and skull fractured by the person committing political violence.

The attacker fled on foot, leaving the injured activist to tend to his wounds. Democrat Governor Newsom, who would be in our view the person supported by the violent attacker, is not likely to lose later tonight. But Democrats likely fear that if the recall election is even close, it will be a bad look for the failing Biden regime.

This is why they are unhappy that the recall election is even being held. This story was reported locally:

“A man was attacked at a recall Gavin Newsom event today in San Rafael. I talked to some of the other demonstrators who saw the incident. I’ll have the story tonight at 11 on @abc7newsbayarea (P.S. that is not blood on the banner). #CaliforniaRecallElection

Video of the ABC 7 News report surfaced on Twitter:

ABC 7 reported in part:

Many here say it’s just another example of the kind of anger that’s been directed at pro-recall demonstrators, and point to a separate incident last week where a woman threw an egg at leading GOP contender Larry Elder. Read more here about the egg attack, as reported by Media Right News. We reported in part:

In a video posted on’s Twitter feed, Republican running for California Gov Larry Elder appears to get attacked. Although the person misses in the video, a person in a gorilla mask tries to throw an egg at his head.

Elder is running to replace Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election coming up. Elder is a Republican. Although it is possible, it’s not looking good for Elder in our view.

It doesn’t appear as though the suspect with the knife has been caught yet.