VP Pence: ‘Biden Will Never Be President of the United States.’

Vice President Mike Pence spoke today at the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to the Majority Policy Conference, this year taking place in Atlanta, Georgia.

At one point during the speech, he told the crowd, “Joe Biden will never be president of the United States when will elect President Trump for four more years.”

He also noted that if “Biden and the radical left” were to be elected, that the country would take a “hard-left turn” and become a “socialized, welfare state.”

Pence tweeted out a picture earlier of himself at the conference and said, “Biden and the Democrats would appoint activist judges who would legislate from the bench. President Trump will appoint strong principled conservatives to our federal courts at every level for FOUR MORE YEARS.”

In an interview with a local TV station, Biden said about last night’s debate that it was hard for him “to believe the President of the United States would be so viciously classless and do what he did.”

Biden also refused to apologize or say that he regretted calling President Trump “a clown” or telling him to “shut up.” He said that he just wished “the circumstances hadn’t of been what they were.”

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