White Man With Covid-19 in Texas Denied Monoclonal Treatment Because He’s Not Black or Hispanic and is Healthy, Clinic Insists it’s About Risk, Not Race

Conservative pundit Harrison Hill Smith was recently diagnosed with Covid-19. He sought treatment and was told at a clinic in Texas that he was not in a high enough risk category. One of the risk categories apparently, is being Black or Hispanic.

They claimed that being one of those other races might make someone at higher risk of serious health effects from Covid-19. This doesn’t seem legal or constitutional though.

In a video where conservative pundit Dave Reilly calls the “State Infusion Hotline” himself, they said that being healthy, White, and not overweight didn’t qualify Smith for being at a high enough risk. They tried to deny that it was race-based treatment decisions, but it was pretty hard to deny that they are not giving Smith potential life-saving treatment because he is healthy and White.

Infowars reported:

A memo released by the Texas HHS makes no mention of “high-risk ethnicities” being an automatic qualifier in its memo announcing the availability of monoclonal antibody treatments.

So who decided that only certain races are automatically qualified for monoclonal antibody treatment against COVID, and when?

Smith tweeted:

“Literally just got denied medical service for being white.

Monoclonal antibody treatment only available for blacks and Hispanics. Fucking insane.”

“Blacks and Hispanics are high risk ethnicities.” “So if a young, fit white guy shows up he’ll be denied service?” “That is correct.”

Adam Korzeniewski tweeted:

“Denying monoclonal antibodies because someone is White is clearly the proof that the slope is very slippery. Welcome to the future, this only gets worse from here.”

Smith posted a video of his back and forth while at the clinic, which was in Austin, Texas he tells Media Right News. It’s unclear the name of the exact facility.

We will be staying tuned to this developing situation to see if Governor Abbott or anyone else does anything to rectify or clarify this seemingly illegal situation.

Update, 4:45PM ET:

U.S. House Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) opined on the situation:

“Denying people life-saving medical treatment based on ethnicity is not ok. Is this divisive policy being pushed by @POTUS or is this just the policy in Texas @GovAbbott?”