Wendy Rogers Slams Lisa Murkowski Upon Re-election Announcement, ‘You are a Corrupt Traitor and Communist, Resign Now’

America First Republican and Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers called out Anti-Trump RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) following her re-election bid announcement.

“You are a corrupt traitor and communist. Resign now.”

In her re-election bid announcement video, it states how she has gained respect from both parties and saved the touring program during COVID-19. Murkowski has had a long history of not only Anti-Trump views but also moderate to liberal views on critical issues.

As we previously reported, “The Alaska Republican State Central announced on Saturday their endorsement of Kelly Tshibaka for the U.S. Senate race for 2022. The seat is currently held by Lisa Murkowski (R).

Tshibaka proudly shared the endorsement on her Twitter account, ‘I am honored to be Endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party! In the Senate, I will always fight for our Conservative values.’

With an endorsement from former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party, Murkowski seems to be toast in the primary. If she losses the primary she could potentially run as an independent and thus split GOP votes and possibly hand Democrats a key seat in the Senate.

Once again, Senator Rogers is calling out RINOs and calling on them to resign as in her eyes, they have failed their voters and this country. We will have to see how the primary turns out in 2022.

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