Whoopi Goldberg Starting to ‘Dig’ Liz Cheney After Hints She May Campaign for Dems, Against Kari Lake

On the closing night of the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin Texas, outgoing Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) announced, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Kari Lake is not elected.” 

The View shared a clip of Cheney’s speech from the event. In the clip, Cheney talks about the power “election deniers” will have if the GOP becomes the majority, the other part of the clip shows Cheney explaining if Trump becomes the GOP 2024 nominee she will no longer be a Republican.

Whoopi shares she is now starting to “Dig” Cheney for railing against the Republican party. Whoopi puts her hand over her heart and happily says, “she even says she would campaign with Democrats to stop the GOP candidate and election denier Kari Lake from becoming Governor of Arizona.”

Whoopi then asks the two registered Republicans on the panel, Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin what it’s going to take to get the Republican party back in order.

Navarro explains that when you grow up in a party it becomes a tradition or a habit you can’t quit. She then says if Trump is elected for another four years people like her won’t be able to deny that the GOP is now the Trump party.

Whoopi then asks them if it’s time for a third party. Griffin seems to be on board with the idea. She wants to work within the party and believes the Trump era will have an end at some point. She then says the Donald Trump wing of the party is not conservative. Griffin shares that she wants the party back to, “pro-free trade pro-globalization”.

Navarro then shares she would vote for anything running as a Democrat running against Donald Trump picking up her mug and sharing she would vote for it if it ran as a Democrat against Trump.

Cheney appears to be drawing in Democrats with her harsh stance against Trumpism. She in part is willing to work with Democrats against the Republican party. Many have wondered if she will herself leave the party altogether and now she has shared she ill unless the party gets rid of Trump.

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