WinCo Foods in Oregon Turns off Self Checkout on Elderly Woman Trying to Check Out With Groceries Over Mask Rules

An employee of WinCo Foods shut down a self-checkout for an elderly woman today in one of their locations in Oregon, according to a viral tweet video from Maggia VandenBerghe. You can see the ‘abusive’ staffer shut down the machine so the woman can’t checkout and then proceed to see what some people (including the elderly lady) see as assault.

“Abusive staff member @WinCoFoods shuts down checkout to elderly customer with no mask.”

You can see in the video above, the male employee shut down the self-checkout machine the elderly lady tried to use. The entire machine was then shut down and he turned to the person filming and said, “do not film me”. The employee then walked towards the man filming the video and went for the camera and the person holding the camera said, “don’t touch me, that is assault.”

The employee then tried to shut down the next self-checkout machine but another lady was standing in front of it. He then tried to reach around her but the lady said, “stop touching me, it’s assault.” The employee responded by saying, “I am not touching you. I have not committed assault.”

The employee told the group in self-checkout to call the police and he said he was going to call the owner. The lady who was covering the second machine then said, “I am going to buy these groceries. You should be fired for your behavior, you are breaking the law. I want the police, call the Sheriff.” That is where the video ends.

We have reached out to WinCo Foods via email to see which location it was and for comment, but they have yet to respond.

It’s sad that it seems we have lost the human element to things with these mask mandates. Although it’s good to be safe with Covid-19, it’s hard to see how actions like this could have possibly prevented anyone from getting sick.

This is, in our view, arbitrary rules that are pitting people against each other and should not be acceptable, even in a left-wing state like Oregon. It’s also especially bad considering that it was an elderly woman, and we wonder if they would have done the same to a BLM or Antifa type person from Portland or Seattle.

Stay tuned to Media Right News for more as this develops.

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