With a Measly 583k Viewers last Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter Draws Smallest Audience of 2021

Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” is not having a reliably good season of news reporting. That is, if that’s what you honestly believe he does for a living.

Stelter’s weekly Sunday show, in fact, is reliably losing viewers week after week. This last Sunday it reportedly only drew 583,000 viewers, the show’s lowest rated week for 2021. Stelter is often mocked and used for comedy by many right wing pundits, including Mark Dice, who often does voiceover videos of things Stelter actually said, in a slightly higher voice.

Stelter, in the eyes of many on the right, lives in a bubble, or a world of his own, often failing to read the room and continually pushing the same failing radical left-wing narrative, no matter how out of touch it may be. While we would generally say this is simply our opinion, one could rationally draw the conclusion as being more fact based than opinion, based on his hemmoraghing viewership, in all reality.

But for the sake of appeasing the bad faith (in our view) fact-checkers, we will just say it’s still just our opinion. In fact, this is the first time Stelter failed to surpass 600,000 all year.

This Sunday was a whopping 10 percent drop even, from just one week earlier. Fox News reported in part:

“Reliable Sources,” which bills itself as a program that examines the media industry on a weekly basis, has essentially emerged as an hour of conservative bashing. Stelter completely ignored MSNBC getting banned from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, instead spending time interviewing “1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones and ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl about their books. 

Recently, Stelter was accused of “gaslighting” via guest David French for being all over the map as it has pertained to ongoign coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

“This is the definition of “gaslighting”, from the people who have been gaslighting you from the very beginning. @brianstelter @cnn and et al have been promoting lies and musinformation for the last 14 months. And now they pretend that they have been telling the truth all along.”

Stelter said “how much of this is about information that didn’t come out right away?” referrign to the Rittenhouse case. But in the eyes of most internet savvy users, the video of the Rittenhouse situation was available all along, for those who actually watched.

Fox News also reported:

Stelter also struggled to attract viewers among the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults age 25-54, averaging only 87,000 for his fourth-smallest audience of the year in the critical category.

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