Energy Sec. and Press Sec. Embarrass Themselves, Don’t Know How Much Oil Americans Use, Claim Biden is Doing Everything Possible to Lower Gas Prices

Jennifer Granholm and Jen Psaki took their daily whacks (Jen anyway) at making excuses for Joe Biden’s train wreck of a “presidency” today. The energy secretary was asked a simple basic question, something one would expect an energy secretary to know, but she did now know, how much oil the United States consumes daily.

She tried to downplay her apparent ignorance by simply claiming that she didn’t have the data in front of her.

“REPORTER: “How many barrels of oil does the U.S. consume per day?” Energy Sec. Granholm: “I don’t have that number in front of me. I’m sorry.” Shouldn’t the Secretary of *Energy* know basic answers to questions about energy?”

After that, Jen Psaki claimed that the Biden administration is doing everything they can to lower gas prices. Although we know that because of fact-checkers who to us seem to often be in bad faith, we can’t (aren’t allowed to) blame Biden canceling pipelines on high gas prices, we can just mention off to the side that Biden killed pipelines which made future prospects for U.S. oil production shakier in the eyes of oil company executives responsible for making investment decisions.

These investment decisions are often related to oil and gas exploration and production.

This CAN theoretically lead to high oil futures and give more leverage to OPEC in our own personal opinions here at Media Right News.

“CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve “was created for emergency purposes. Does the President believe this is an emergency of an energy sake or more of a political crisis?” Psaki replies “the supply of oil has not kept up” and other countries are also struggling!

Zeleny: “But is this being done primarily to try and stave off a political crisis?” Psaki: “This is being done in order to take — use every tool at the President’s disposal to lower the price of gas for the American people.”

All this news comes during a time when the Biden/Harris regime’s poll numbers are in the tank. Some are even speculating that Harris’ job may be on the rocks, although that speculation hasn’t fully played out yet. However, Jen Psaki has done pre-damage control based on such speculation.

Biden and Harris have 38 and 28 percent approval ratings respectively.

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