Darrell Brooks Given $5 Million Bail After Allegedly Mowing Down 40+ and Killing 5, a 6th Person (a Child) Now Reportedly Has Died

Darrell Brooks has been charged in the Waukesha, WI disaster where he allegedly ran over 40+ people and killed 5+ including children and elderly folks in a Christmas parade. Many leftists are downplaying this and VP Harris wants to “wait for more information“.

Meanwhile, many of those same leftists are outraged that Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty by a jury of his peers in a historical self-defense case.

There is speculation that Brooks is a far-left militant who is angry about the Rittenhouse case, although that is not 100% verified to be the motive in these alleged killings yet.

A sixth person was just reported to have died from the alleged Brooks situation, and it is a child who passed away tragically this time.

Please pray for all the victims and their families for peace and strength. It’s reported that Brooks is allowed to bond out of jail if he can scrounge up $5 million bucks, even though he was alleged to have killed all these people in what could and in our opinion should be looked at as a terrorist attack.

“A $5,000,000 Bail is set for Darrell Brooks following the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy. He killed 6 people and injured over 60 more and the court gave him a cash bail option. Milwaukee is a national embarrassment.”

We reported earlier:

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing tragedy.

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