Yahoo White House Correspondent Complains to CNN That Kayleigh McEnany ‘Abused’ the Press Corps

Yahoo White House correspondent Brittany Shepherd went on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter over the weekend to give an update on how she believes things are going with the new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and they also got into a discussion about Psaki’s predecessor in the Trump administration, Kayleigh McEnany.

A clip of the interaction begins with Stelter gushing to Shepherd that he “loves” her assessment of the “Psaki era thus far.” He pushed back slightly after that and said, “Regular briefings are great, but there have been a few times where the White House has seemed to step in it.”

Shepherd downplayed those concerns and told Stelter, “It’s been really refreshing to have briefings every day and to even know who the senior officials talking to Biden are, we were not getting that in any of the Trump years, especially in those waning days of the McEnany briefings.”

“It is refreshing, I do kind of put it towards like, having a really bad ex-boyfriend,” Shepherd continued while laughing nervously.

Shepherd then explained, “We were getting essentially abused by Kayleigh for so long, or at least she was calling us fake news and inciting her followers and followers of the president to not only harass us online but obviously go to deadly ends for some people with that threat.”

Circling back to the original pushback by Stetler, Shepherd concluded, “Now, we have Jen and the entire Biden team, it’s very refreshing, but it’s important to remember that the bar has literally been left on the floor and just being able to show up and clear it isn’t enough.”

In a bit of a faux pas, Shepherd announced her appearance prior to the show by tweeting out, “Making my Reliable Source debut with @brianseltzer in just a few!”

Instead of tagging Stelter, she tagged Philadelphia 76ers digital content manager Brian Seltzer.

Washington Post reporter Olivier Knox questioned the move and asked, “Brian Seltzer, eh?”

Shepherd replied by tagging the correct recipient and said, “OMG sorry @brianstelter but this typo is so funny. Hi Olivier.”

Seltzer joined in and responded, “You’re not the first. Based on the mistaken @‘s I normally get for @brianstelter, I truly feel for him and his mentions.”