After Adam Schiff is Humiliated by Losing Committee Spot, he Stoops Even Lower by Resorting to Making TikTok Videos

U.S. House Rep and former chair of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) decided it was time to get on TikTok.

After being booted from the intel committee by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Schiff posted his first-ever TikTok video. Maybe the irony of this move is lost on Schiff. Or perhaps he knows he won’t be privy to America’s secrets anymore so why not get on TikTok, which is linked to the “Chinese communist party”. With this fact you would think the former House intel chair would be well aware of given his access to classified information.

With this knowledge, Schiff still decided to use the platform to rant about being booted from the intel committee.

Schiff introduced himself to the world of TikTok, “Hello I’m Congressman Adam Schiff, with some troubling news.”

“Today Kevin McCarthy removed me from the House Intelligence Committee,” Schiff whines. He then ignored the allegations of his abuse of power as intel chair and continued, “All for doing my job.”

He circles it all back to his crusade to get Trump. “for holding Trump accountable for standing up to the extreme MAGA Republicans.”

He then complains about the Republicans taking control of the house, “We knew it was going to be bad when the Republicans took over.”

“But it’s far worse than we expected,” he fearmongers. Then he offers a glimmer of hope, “but I can promise you this, this is not the end of my fight for our democracy, this is just the beginning.” He then asks for contributions, “please join us, and contribute today thank you.”

Twitter user @amuse tweets a question about Schiff’s use of TikTok:

“WTF? @AdamSchiff wants to be on the intel committee but he loaded TokTok in his phone? Does he forward all classified intel to China?”

This morning Schiff announced he would be seeking to take Diane Feinstein’s (D-CA) Senate seat, Feinstein signaled in 2021 she was not ready to retire, however more recently she said she would make that determination in the coming months.

“Feinstein on when she will make her decision about running in ’24: Probably in a couple of months. My husband passed away not too long ago. And so I’m still going through that..want to get through it. He had cancer and this is always a hard death..I think I’ll just take some time”

It will be interesting to see if anything has changed or if the pair will be battling it out in the primary.

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