Andy Biggs Shared There are 20 ‘No’ Votes Against McCarthy Not All From the House Freedom Caucus

On the podcast “Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz”, Andy Biggs (R-AZ) announced there are 20 “pretty hard no” votes against McCarthy as Speaker from within the GOP.

Biggs also revealed that not all of the votes come from the House Freedom Caucus. Currently, there are five members of the GOP who have publicly announced they would vote no on McCarthy.

With the GOP holding a slim majority McCarthy will need all the votes he can get to become Speaker of the House. McCarthy warned on Monday against GOP members “playing games” as Democrats will likely all vote for their nominee Hakeem Jefferies (D-NY).

The vote for speaker is set to take place on January 3rd, 2023. McCarthy is taking heat from hardline conservatives over the budget as well as impeaching some Biden administration officials.

Biggs stated there needs to be a change in the leadership, away from the status quo.McCarthy doesn’t have enough support to guarantee that he will take the Speakership in January. “The sooner that they realize that, then the sooner that we can resolve who will be the Speaker,” Biggs added.

One member from the House Freedom Caucus that is standing with McCarthy is Majorie Taylor Greene who Tweeted her support for him today.

“I refuse to allow the Uniparty to choose the Speaker of the House and lose our opportunity to subpoena, investigate, and block the Democrat’s America Last agenda. Our GOP Conference must unite behind Speaker-elect Kevin McCarthy.”

Greene, it seems like possibly many other members of the House GOP are afraid to take a chance at a change in leadership. With the vote a little over a month away we will see who takes over as Speaker of the House.

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