Jordan Peterson: ‘Bad Day’ for Apple if they Choose Toxic TikTok Over Free Speech Twitter

This morning Jordan Peterson tweeted, “This seems like a really really bad day for @tim_cook and @Apple“.

Peterson was also sharing a tweet from Marie Oakes which read, “Let this sink in: Apple is threatening to take Twitter off of its App Store, but not TikTok. Even after FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr sent them a letter last summer asking them to remove TikTok because of “serious national threats posed by TikTok.” Read the letter”

The letter was from June of this year, in the letter Carr cites different security concerns the FCC has regarding TikTok. In the letter, Carr asks Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores as the app is out of compliance with policies both of the companies require.

Neither Google or Apple have removed TikTok from their app stores. However on Monday after revealing that Apple has stopped advertising on Twitter, Elon Musk shared, “Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why”.

Musk has reinstated many banned accounts on Twitter, including former President Donald Trump’s account. This has brought much praise along with scrutiny to the platform. It appears that Apple may not be happy with the development.

As it has not been made clear as to why Apple has made the threat, it is interesting that they don’t appear to be concerned with the security threat posed by TikTok, at least not publicly and there could be more to the story that is held back from public view, we just don’t know.

Many woke leftists have ditched the platform, as their safe space moved more towards free speech. With this movement, those whom they disagree with were allowed back on Twitter to share their opinions on things.

Apple has previously used its power to make companies such as Meta make major changes in its data collection which has taken a toll on its income and advertisements. With more scrutiny coming against the global tech giant maybe they will adjust their approach, or continue on.

TikTok seems to now be a major concern for those in Washington DC. Donald Trump previously threatened to ban the platform when he was president. Senator Mark Warner (D) of Virginia recently shared that Trump was right with his concerns over the platform.

Musk is working to improve Twitter since taking over, while there have been bumps along the way his goal is to make Twitter a town hall with a free exchange of ideas. He wants to censor less and would like to seem more productive conversations. Time will tell if he is able to make that happen as many seem to be against the idea.

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  1. Our big corporations are in bed with Communist China and that’s why they have to remove Elon just like Trump. They want the Great Reset, Liberal New World Order. According to Klaus Schwab at the WEF, their model is Communist China and they want the world to be exactly like that. Digital Currency Will stop us all in our tracks. We will lose everything we have today.

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