AUDIO: Bruce Springsteen Trashes Trump and Family, Calls for ‘Exorcism’ in White House in Foul Language Rant

This is how you know that actors and musicians are out of touch. Many of Bruce Springsteen’s fans are working-class white males and other patriotic Americans of all backgrounds as well.

Only someone who has made more money than they could ever spend has the luxury to trash the President of the United States of America who is supported by much of his own base.

Springsteen doesn’t care though, as he spoke in a vile manner about the Trump administration, calling for Donald Trump to be voted out in the worst possible terms.

“It is time for an exorcism in our nation’s capital. Welcome to our Halloween/Election Day monster mash. This is Vol. 14 of ‘From My Home to Yours’ titled ‘Farewell to the Thief.’ In just a few days, we’ll be throwing the bums out. I thought it was a f***ing nightmare but it was so true.” WATCH:

He then went on to trash the first family in another clip.

“There’s no art in this White House. There’s no literature, no poetry, no music. There are no pets in this White House, no loyal man’s best friend, no Socks the family cat, no kid’s science fairs, no time when the president takes off his blue suit, red tie uniform and becomes human.” He goes on to say:

“Except when he puts on his white shirt and khaki pants uniform and hides from the American people to play golf. There are no images of the first family enjoying themselves together in a moment of relaxation. No Obamas on the beach in Hawaii moments, or Bushes fishing in Kennebunkport, no Reagans on horseback, no Kennedys playing touch football on the Cape.”

“We are rudderless and joyless. We have lost the cultural aspects of society that make America great. We have lost our mojo, our fun, our happiness, our cheering on of others. The shared experience of humanity that makes it all worth it.” He concludes the Trump trashing clips:

“The challenges and the triumph that we shared and celebrated. The unique can-do spirit that America has always been known for. We are lost. We’ve lost so much in so short a time. On Nov. 3, vote them out.”

The “Dancing in the Dark” star has a history of whining about President Trump of course while glossing over all of his accomplishments, so this comes as no huge surprise and is likely not to move the needle much, if at all.

If anything it just makes Bruce look like a washed-up bitter man, of course, when you’re as out of touch as he may appear to many, you may not even realize it. Many actors and musicians choose the anti-Trump route because they believe it is the hip or cool thing to do.

When someone like rapper Ice Cube even hints at their possibility of not supporting Biden, often the entire rabid left-wing mob turns on them faster than you can say abracadabra.

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