Kathy Griffin Mocks Tucker Carlson’s Missing Docs, Thinks They ‘Are Soaked in the Blood of Satan and Children’

Tucker Carlson announced on Fox News last night that he had “confidential documents related the Biden family” sent overnight to him when he was in LA from NY but they never arrived and the shipping company claims they have vanished.

Carlson posted a video from the segment on his show where he discussed it on Twitter, which got the attention of Comedian and anti-Trump Kathy Griffin.

Griffin mocked the situation, suggesting that “I think the documents are soaked in the blood of satan and children. Hillary and I were just discussing it with Tom Hanks.”

Griffin has become more unhinged on Twitter lately. Recently she retweeted a tweet that she was tagged in. The tweet said, “walked so you could run, or should I say drive.”

The tweet was retweet of a video that appeared to be a Halloween setup perhaps where a truck had a dummy of Trump splattered across the front. Griffin commented below and said, “Well done.”

Griffin, however, was upset about the vehicular homicide of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville three years ago, tweeting out last year, “I am worried. Remember Charlottesville? A THOUSAND Nazis, a murder, two very seriously injured, four arrests. And the trial for Heather Heyer’s murderer got little to no press coverage. We must raise awareness ourselves. No one is going to help us.”

After the confirmation of Justice Barrett, Griffin tweeted out, “Calming my nerves by picturing Mitch McConnell‘s hands falling off right now.”

Griffin also tweeted out a picture of herself responding to a tweet that said, “Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed and the Senate has left town till after the election. The Republican Party just flipped the bird to the American voters. Ready to return the favor?”

She said, “Yes we are” and shared a picture of herself and the adult film star who was involved in an alleged sex scandal with President Trump, Stormy Daniels, giving the middle finger.