Biden Says ‘Black Women Deserve Better’ and Kamala Harris Believes ‘Inequity Runs Deep in our Country’

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris issued a number of tweets today regarding the announcement about charges made regarding the shooting death of Breonna Taylor during a police raid in Louisville, Kentucky.

Biden got testy yesterday when a reporter asked him a question about it and he said he didn’t have enough information at that point.

Tonight, Biden tweeted about it by saying “Once again, we are called to ask ourselves whether justice could be equally applied in America. But what’s clear is that today in America, Black women deserve better.”

Harris issued multiple tweets today, with the most recent one saying, “Black Americans don’t need to be reminded that inequity runs deep in our country. It’s a painful reality every day. We will only begin to fully heal when our nation addresses the systemic racism in our laws, policies, and institutions. Joe Biden and I have a plan to do just that.”

Last night both Harris and Biden encouraged people to speak Breonna’s name and today Harris tweeted that people needed to “keep speaking” her name.

Biden made a tweet also last night about the police officers who were shot during the riots and Kamala retweeted it and offered a similar message. Both condemned the violence.