Bill Cosby Trolls His Haters, Thanks Supporters on His 84th Birthday, Calls Himself a Freedom Fighter

American comedian, actor, and author Bill Cosby trolled his hater by thanking his supporters as he turns 84 today as a free man.

“On my Birthday — I whole heartedly thank you for your support, thank you for fighting for my freedom and thank you for staying grounded and on the case. The Revolution Is In The Home.”

As we previously reported, “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just released Bill Cosby from prison after vacating his sentence linked to sexual assault allegations. Cosby was expected by most to live the rest of his life in jail. Nonetheless, this is no longer the case.

There are mixed feelings about his being released. Some feel maybe he wasn’t guilty. Others feel the trial wasn’t fair. Some are angry that he is being released and they say it’s a setback for the “me too” movement. Nevertheless, he is going to be free regardless of what people think.

In today’s cancel culture world, it will be very interesting what the future holds for Cosby, regardless of what you think of him or the situation.”

Some say Cosby shouldn’t have been released while some are pleased with the news, none the less he is trolling those who hate him. As you can see in the picture, Cosby as a free man is smiling happily.

Cosby also labeled himself as a “freedom fighter” which many members of the MeToo movement would disagree with along with his accusers. Whether you believe his accusers or not, he clearly knows how to troll his haters.

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