Bill Maher Sets an Example for Lower Class Leftists Making Fun of Rush Limbaugh: “I’m Not Going to Make Jokes…”

Monday of last week, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh announced he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. This diagnosis means he will miss some shows due to the treatment and he explains that is why he announced it publicly Limbaugh is a very private person.

Tuesday at the State of the Union, President Trump awarded Rush the Medal of Freedom. That award is the highest honor bestowed upon civilians in the United States. This action has not sat well with many on the left who don’t think Rush deserved the honor, some of them attacking him on social media. Former Vice President Joe Biden believes Limbaugh does not deserve the honor. At the Democratic debate Friday, Biden stated that it should have been given to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was removed from his position inside the White House that same day.

Musician Nona Hendryx took to Facebook to cheer about Limbaugh’s diagnosis. Hendryx has been a vocal critic of Rush and has taken offense to different things that he has said, this prompted her to release a song called “Ballad of Rush Limbaugh” in 2010. Upon finding out about Limbaugh’s diagnosis she wrote ” I actually do wish him ‘All’ the ill in the universe and beyond! Not only him but all who support him, I really mean it and would repeat it to the world. One last major A-hole off the planet with no chance of reincarnation ?The sooner the better [sic]!” See the whole post below:

Fox 8 Cleveland reported, Travis Sarandos, an English teacher at Milwaukee High School of the Arts was suspended after he put out a tweet that read, “Rush Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.” Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan put out a statement on Sarandos’s tweet that says “Mr. Sarandos’ remarks deserve discipline. In the meanwhile, he has no business in an MPS system classroom. “

Liberal comedian Bill Maher, however, said that he won’t be making any jokes about Limbaugh. On “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday, Maher calls for some civility and admits he has been guilty of making toxic statments in the past when he went after megadonor David Koch who passed in August of 2019. Maher still calls for all to “just pull back a little on the dead people and the sick people. How about that as a start? ” 

In the same show, Maher had on Steve Bannon, which didn’t sit well with at least one apparent liberal on Twitter who slammed Maher for giving conservatives like Trump bastion Steve Bannon and Rush Limbaugh any positive airtime at all. See tweet:

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