Black Lives Matter Riots at Home of DA Who Won’t Charge Kim Potter With Higher Murder Charge Over Daunte Wright Shooting

Black Lives Matter rioters have shown up at the home of Peter Orput, the Washington County District Attorney, at his Stillwater home, over the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota shooting of Daunte Wright. Wright was shot by now-former Officer Kim Potter, who claimed she meant to tase him but accidentally grabbed her gun. This was after he was being detained due to a warrant he had out for his arrest.

Kim Potter is being charged with second degree manslaughter. District Attorney Peter Orput was actually sympathetic to the desires of the radical activists who wanted and still want more severe criminal charges against Potter. However, he does not believe that higher charges for the incident will stick, and therefore that is likely the reason he decided to go with the charges of manslaughter.

Nevertheless, that is not going to be good enough for the left-wing radicals who have sought to politically intimidate and influence criminal court cases around the country including the George Floyd trial. We are not claiming one way or another whether or not the outcome of the Floyd case was affected necessarily, although it was clear, that rioters and protesters sought to achieve a guilty verdict through the means of rioting and political intimidation.

Although media outlets will deny that there is not much likelihood that rioters and protesters could ever affect the outcome or charges filed in a high profile case such as the Daunte Wright one, or any case, there is clearly a trend that makes those who go out and cause chaos to think that they are influencing such things in our view. One way or another, the people harassing Orput tonight, and others, feel their time spent protesting and rioting is a good investment, or else they would be doing something different with their energy.

In the first video, the people are loudly blaring rap music with vulgar language while yelling “up them charges, Pete!” over and over.

The first video clip you will be able to see below is captioned:

“[sic] protesters outside of County Prosecutor Pete Orput who charged Kimberly Porter. They want the charges to be “upped”. Is this the world we live in now.” The one below that says: “putting pressure on the County Attorney prosecuting Kimberly Porter. Currently happening.”

In the second video, which is directly below, the man you can hear yelling says they might go harass Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison at his building in “downtown Saint Paul, and then we will come here” (tomorrow). Another man says they will do bounce houses and set up a BBQ at the home they are at tonight. One man then says “Twin Cities Relief where you at, Twin Cities relief where the f— are you at?! We need some more of them lemon pepper chicken wings.” Twin Cities Relief feeds poor people, has been known to support Black Lives Matter, and is basically an activist food company. It’s hard to say if any of their funding comes from political organizations or not, from a quick search.

This is not the first time rioters and protesters have shown up to Orput’s home.

Previously we reported on the situation where local police actually stopped a man from driving home to his family while rioters took over the residential road where Orput resides. One Black Lives Matter activist who partly lead the riot that day named Nekima Levy Armstrong, who is president of the Minneapolis NAACP, actually thanked the police for keeping the man who wanted to get home out of their way, despite Black Lives Matter’s usual anti-police sentiments.

The video below was from that day:

“Protesters marching through the neighborhood now. They started outside the home of Washington Co. Attorney Pete Orput, demanding he file murder charges against Kim Potter, former officer who killed”

Time will tell how long the harassment will go on tonight or if the police will put a stop to it since it is in a residential zone. We have seen this situation before, where police allow rioters to take over residential areas in various liberal ran cities and states due to political pressure, despite potential laws such as targeted picketing, disturbing the peace, and other tools that could potentially be used in some of these instances to clear out event such as tonight’s.

We will update on the story when and if we acquire new information regarding the most recent videos posted to Twitter.

Update: Another video shows that the people at the home say they will leave (until tomorrow) if Orput comes out and talks to them, including a family member of Daunte Wright’s who they claim is out there with them in the crowd.


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