Innocent Minnesota Man Just Wanted to Go to His Home But Riots Blocked Him, Then Cops Detained Him and BLM Thanked the Cops

Yesterday, BLM took to Stillwater, MN to protest. They started at Washington County Attorney Pete Orput’s home and then marched in protest through the residential area. Orput is the Attorney that filed the charges of second-degree manslaughter against former Officer Kim Potter. BLM wants him to bring murder charges against Potter and in speeches they proclaimed that this was no accident.

While the protest was on the move through the neighborhood, one man who was only trying to get to his home, was stopped by protesters on motorcycles. The man got out of his vehicle and tried to point out to the protest he was only trying to get to his home. A protester then came up to him and shoved him back. The resident pushed back and stood his ground. Police officers then rushed in to detain the man and escorted him away. The officers could be seen placing him in the cop car. You can hear the person on the megaphone say sarcastically, “don’t resist man” referring to the man being placed in the cop car.

President of the Minneaolis chapter of NAACP, Nekima Levy Armstrong, then announced to the crowd that by, “a miracle of God” the police officers detained the man and moved his vehicle so that they could continue to protest in the residential neighborhood. She then says “say his name” to which the crowd replied “Daunte Wright”.

While going through the neighborhood, the person on the megaphone can be heard saying, “If you think black lives matter you can come march with us, you can come join us. If you don’t you can stay up at your house. You can stay up in your driveway looking at us like we’re doing something crazy when we’re just here trying to fight for our lives.”

According to a tweet from Jeff Wagner, Stillwater police only detained the man and moved his vehicle out of the way temporarily. The man was later released once the protest had passed. This was clearly upsetting for the man who was only trying to get home. To come home to an angry mob blocking you from your home would be upsetting to most people.

According to the video below Orput came out of his home and talked with protesters. The woman with the microphone said they will continue the dialogue with Orput until they see murder charges in the case against Potter.

This was not the only protest in a residential area yesterday. We reported earlier about rioting and vandalism in Denver, CO. “Rioting broke out around the nation last night. Mostly Democrats if not all Democrats or anarchists in our view were the likely culprits behind most of it.

We reported earlier this morning that even U.S. Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) was out rioting in Minnesota last night. One video of rioting claims the people in the clip are in front of the Denver Governor Jared Polis’ home. Polis previously praised rioters and left-wing protesters last year, during the George Floyd riots.”

It raises the question as to how long will protests be allowed in residential areas as many times the lead to vandalism of the homes in the neighborhood. Will any government officials take the steps to protect people in their homes?

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