Tucker Carlson Exposes That Kevin McCarthy Rents an Upscale Apartment From Frank Luntz in Washington D.C.

On Friday, Tucker Carlson published an opinion piece on “communication professional” Frank Luntz, who he said “is the Republican Party’s longest-serving message man.”

According to Carlson, Luntz “is a conventional liberal. His main clients are left-wing corporations like Google. When Frank Luntz gives advice to congressional Republicans, he’s got Google’s perspective in mind. That’s a huge problem.”

Carlson also pointed out that Luntz was close to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). In a segment tonight during his show on Fox News, Carlson said that he found out how close the two currently are.

“Over the weekend, we got a call from a source who said that, in fact, Frank Luntz and Kevin McCarthy are not just friends, they are roommates,” Carlson said.

Carlson continued, “Kevin McCarthy lives in Frank Luntz’ apartment in downtown Washington. That’s what we were told and honestly we did not believe it. The top Republican in the House lives with a Google lobbyist.”

A spokeswoman for McCarthy said that he stays in hotels or sleeps in his office at the Capitol, when Carlson asked her initially.

Carlson said that he pressed her further and she said she would look into it. He said that he then received a text from her confirming that McCarthy had rented a room at “fair market price” from Luntz because of COVID.

“Fair market price,” according to Carlson would be $5,000 a month because it is one of the nicest condos in a “fashionable part of the city.”

Carlson went on to criticize McCarthy for the arrangement and how he can’t be fighting for his voters if “at the end of the day, he goes home to Frank Luntz’ apartment and laughs about it.”

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