Candace Owens Lauds Ron DeSantis as Doing Something Right as He Invokes Leftist Fury About Florida’s Covid-19 Stance

Black Conservative figure Candace Owens took aim at the media and defended Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and how he has responded to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by calling out the ‘elites’. Below is her tweet from this afternoon.

“The reason our media (which is propaganda for the elites) aggressively attacks Ron DeSantis’ winning approach to Covid-19 is because it becomes harder to convince the rest of the country that totalitarian control is necessary for “safety” if Florida remains free and happy.”

Ron DeSantis has received harsh criticism from the woke mob and the liberal media for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as he has refused to shut down the state and install a mandatory mask mandate. DeSantis has often been seen maskless which infuriates the liberals.

Republicans like Owens and DeSantis have questioned the need for the “totalitarian” measures which have been taken up by mostly Democratic Governors like Gavin Newsom (CA) and Andrew Cuomo (NY).

Many Conservative figures have cited the economy and one’s right to freedom as their main argument against the lockdowns. Now many on the right believe that the science points to lockdowns being ineffective and not necessary as Florida has had better numbers than lockdown states like California and New York.

A study also showed that schools that follow the proper COVID-19 guidelines have had low-transmission rates. Thus, Florida has been open since the beginning of this school year.

The liberals are mad at Republican Governors like Ron DeSantis for allowing the populace to make their own choices and to allow them to live their lives, not the government ruling them. It was good to see Candace Owens point out the obvious reasons for the Democrat’s obsession with COVID-19 lockdowns.

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