Cary Champion of Vice Laughingly Asks Jake Paul if it was Racist to Knock a Black Man Out

Two contributors to Vice, which is a far-left magazine that coverings multiple topics including politics, seemed to say that it was racist for a white man to beat a black man in a boxing match.

Mark Dice tweeted out, “Now VICE thinks it’s racist that a White man beat a black man in a professional boxing match.” Below is a piece of the clip.

Two liberal contributors to Vice, Jemele Hill, and Cari Champion pressured guest Jake Paul on whether it was, “racist for him to knock a Black man.”Paul said, “No stop asking me that, I said no. It’s a sh*tty question. It’s a sport that’s what you do.”Cari Champion asked, “Why is it a Sh*tty question?”Paul responded, “Because, how does this have anything to do with race? It doesn’t.

She finished by saying, “It’s a fine question. We gotta wake you up. You gotta be a part of this conversation.”Now they were laughing at the end here so they may have been joking but it is still hard to tell why they would even ask that unless they were joking. Jake Paul recently knocked out Black NBA player Nate Robinson in a boxing match. There didn’t seem to be any racism involved in the fight as it was just two men fighting in a ring.

However, Vice may believe that Jake Paul is now racist for knocking out a black man which seems ridiculous as it was a boxing match.

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