Jim Jordan Slams Atlanta Dems for Closing Schools but Allowing ‘Hollywood Friends’ to Film Inside Them

Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has slammed Atlanta on Twitter for closing their schools but reportedly allowing Hollywood to make movies in those same schools in which they are closed.

Jim Jordan tweeted, “Let me get this straight: Democrats closed schools in Atlanta. But let their Hollywood friends make movies in those very same schools?”

While schools in Atlanta are closed because of Democratic Mayor ​Keisha Lance Bottoms, Clay Travis claimed that the new Spider-man movie will be able to film scenes for their movie in those schools. He said, “They are going to be able to film scenes inside of public high schools in Atlanta for the new Spider-Man movie, but they aren’t able to let ACTUAL kids go to ACTUAL school in those same buildings.”

So while Children can not get an education in person because it is deemed too “dangerous” Hollywood elites are allowed access to make their movies to profit. Even those who don’t live in Georgia seemed outraged like Republican Congressman Jim Jordan.

Parents must be frustrated hearing that Hollywood can go to those schools to film movies but their children must stay home and learn everything on a computer and are essentially left on their own to learn. Some may wonder what is the Mayor getting from the producers of the movie and if any deals are going on between the city government and the producers of the movie.

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