CHAOS: Topless Anti-Dairy Protesters Disrupt Bernie Sanders Nevada Rally

Bernie was campaigning at the MAC gym in Carson City Nevada on Sunday. During his speech, three women rushed the stage, one grabbed for Bernie’s mic while the other two stood topless on the stage while pouring a liquid all over themselves. Their bare chests read Die Dairy. Although some social media allows for topless nudity in the form of protest, to err on the side of caution we did not embed the tweet, but you can see the “not safe for work ” tweet here at your discretion.

The women were there to protest the dairy industry. One fully clothed protester failed to get the mic from Bernie, instead took to one at the podium declaring, “Bernie, I’m your biggest supporter, and I’m here to ask you to stop propping up the dairy industry and to stop propping up animal agriculture. I believe in you.”

Sanders and his wife removed themselves from the stage as the protesters were taken off the stage and arrested. Bernie resumed his speech with, “this is Nevada, there’s always a little bit of excitement at no extra cost.” This isn’t the first time in the recent past that a Bernie rally has been disrupted. Of course, the scenario played out in the Facebook post below wasn’t quite as chaotic. A boat passed by with a large sign that read TRUMP as you can see below:

The anti-dairy protest comes a week after Joaquin Phoenix’s bizarre award speech at the Oscars. In that speech he used his “voice for the voiceless” to talk about the cruelty, he belives exists in artificially inseminating cows to keep them producing milk among other things.

In 2016, the Democrat Senator from Vermont got 47% of the votes in the Nevada Democratic presidential primary. He is currently projected to receive the majority of the votes in the Nevada 2020 primary according to a Real Clear Politics average. The Democratic primary is still very crowded with more than a handful of candidates still in the race. Sanders and the former mayor of South Bend Indiana Buttigieg are neck and neck with 21 to 22 delegate count respectively after the first two states held their primaries this month.

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