Gov. Cuomo Announces His Brother, Chris Cuomo, Has Tested Positive for COVID-19

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced, during his Coronavirus press update this afternoon, that his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, has tested positive for COVID-19. Governor Cuomo Called COVID-19 the “great equalizer”. In a CBS News tweet below you can see Governor Cuomo release the details.

Andrew pressed the issue again, that anyone can get this, the virus doesn’t discriminate. He emphasized that even if people are lonely they need to still social distance.

Andrew followed it by saying that his brother Chris had their Mother staying with him. Andrew told his brother that she couldn’t stay there because of the risk to her since Chris was still going into work as an ‘essential person’. That happened two weeks ago before Chris tested positive.

That interaction brought about the ‘Matilda’s Law’; “The Matilda’s Law directives are meant for individuals age 70 and older, those with compromised immune systems and those with underlying serious health issues.” See the bullet points in a tweet from Hour-Zero below:

Gov Cuomo’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis has raised his approval ratings close to 90% according to the New York Post. Some have speculated that he should be the Democrat Presidential nominee. Last night, in a CNN interview, Chris asked him a series of questions about running for President.

See the exchange below in a video from the New York Post. President Trump had said yesterday that he “wouldn’t mind running against Andrew”. Trump and Gov Cuomo seem to be working well together in response to the pandemic.

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