Donald Trump Reinstated by YouTube as they Follow META and Elon Musk’s Lead on Twitter

YouTube announced on Twitter that the Donald J. Trump channel is no longer under restrictions. Trump’s account has been reinstated and videos can now be uploaded.

“Starting today, the Donald J. Trump channel is no longer restricted and can upload new content. We carefully evaluated the continued risk of real-world violence, while balancing the chance for voters to hear equally from major national candidates in the run up to an election. This channel will continue to be subject to our policies, just like any other channel on YouTube.”

This move is in line with Meta and Twitter. Elon Musk restored Donald Trump’s infamous Twitter account in November of 2022. Mark Zuckerberg followed Musk’s lead and both Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were reinstated.

YouTube recently had a change in leadership as Susan Wojcicki stepped away from her position to focus on her family. The new YouTube CEO Neal Mohan took over on February 16th.

Mohan was at Google before moving over to YouTube in 2015. While at Google both Twitter and Facebook attempted to poach him.

Trump was removed from most major social media sites after January 6th. Twitter had originally issued a lifetime ban however when Elon Musk purchased the company he held a vote and decided to reinstate the account of the former president. Meta had only issued a suspension and recently reinstated Trump’s accounts.

Trump announced in November he was running for president once again. With this news, speculation grew on whether or not his social media accounts would be reinstated. This seems to have played some role in the decision YouTube made to reinstate Trump as they cited the “chance for voters to hear equally from major national candidates.” as one of the factors.

While Trump has been reinstated on these accounts, he has yet to use them. During his suspension from the major social media accounts Trump started Truth Social, and this is where he Truths. Trump has an agreement that he will not repost what he shares on Truth Soical to any other site for six hours according to TechCrunch, this may be a factor as to why he hasn’t used any of the other accounts.

We will see if anything changes as the race for 2024 gets going.

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  1. Reinstated just in time for his 2024 run ! That should tell you all you need to know (considering he is still pushing the shot ) about who Trump is really working for.

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