Pro-Trump Conservative Stalwart Chris Ekstrom Picks up Onslaught of Conservative Endorsements in Texas Congressional District


The 13th Congressional district in Texas is the nation’s most conservative, and the seat is coming up for grabs once again. Current Congressman Mac Thornberry announced last September that he was throwing in the town and not seeking reelection after representing the district since 1994. One of the Republicans running to replace him is Chris Ekstrom. Chris Ekstrom is President of Ekstrom Properties, chairman of Courageous Conservatives PAC, and a proud “Trump Republican”. He also isn’t shy about his Christian faith.

Ekstrom is one of many running to take charge of this critical seat in the upcoming crucial elections this year. On social media and beyond, he makes his case as to how he will lead the charge against Pelosi and the Democrats to support the president and fight against impeachment scams and other Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms in Congress.

See the video in the tweet below where he claims to be ready to take the fight to the liberals, captioned: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Socialist Squad are pushing two so-called articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump, falsely accusing him of abusing his power and “obstruction of Congress.” I will fight the Dems Impeachment Sham in Congress!”

Chris has accrued many crucial endorsements from prestigious individuals. He has been endorsed by U.S. Congressmen Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Ron Wright (R-TX), and Mo Brooks (R-AL), all of whom are members of the House Freedom Caucus. Additionally, Texas State House member Jonathan Stickland (R-92), former Texas State House member Matthew Rinaldi, and Wendy Rogers, a retired Air Force Officer who is a national leader for conservative causes, to include border security and strong defense, have also thrown their stamp of approval on his candidacy. In a Facebook post, he describes his endorsement from House Freedom Caucus chair Andy Biggs, using his quote: “If you want more conservatives in Washington to support President Trump, build the wall, and reign in spending, then I urge you to vote for Chris Ekstrom. I strongly endorse him and look forward to working to make sure he’s elected.” See below:

Ekstrom also has the endorsement of many well known conservative organizations including, Tea Party Nation, Texas Values Action, Club for Growth, Texas Right to Life, Amarillo Area Young Republicans, Empower Texans, Texas Scorecard, and Young Conservatives of Texas. See endorsement tweet from the Club for Growth below, that states they are “proud to endorse” Ekstrom, “..a successful entrepreneur who believes in free trade and fiscal conservatism” and “understands the policies that grow jobs and the economy for Texas families”.

Ekstrom is a proud pro-life Christian, who has came out strongly against the ‘slaughter of the innocents’. If elected, he has plans to introduce the “Life at Conception Act”. Texas Right to Life described this well: “If you want more conservatives in Washington to support President Trump, build the wall, and reign in spending, then I urge you to vote for Chris Ekstrom. I strongly endorse him and look forward to working to make sure he’s elected.” See tweet below:

Additionally, he has pledged to oppose any and all efforts to increase marginal income tax rates and to oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits. Chris has also pledged to vote to set term limits on members of Congress, for a three-term limit for House members and a two-term limit for Senators.

Ekstrom is definitely a conservative’s Republican, who isn’t about toeing the line for the more politically correct Washington D.C. “RINOs” so to speak. He has a history of defending historical monuments removal cries from the rabid left-wing radicals who want to rewrite history.

He has also recently made a major campaign policy announcement on immigration. In addition to slamming “weak Republicans” like former House Speaker and Romey running mate Paul Ryan, Ekstrom describes his immigration thoughts in the video below, including a major call for a moratorium on immigration until we can straighten out our policies, including putting the kibosh on amnesty for DACA recipients.

He says he wants to put America first. He also touched more on abortion, saying “I don’t want my tax dollars being used for abortion”. Ekstrom says that when it comes to the major issues, “I really don’t care what their excuses are” on failures of weak GOP leaders. “Primary those RINOs who have lied to them,” he says towards the middle of the interview. See the whole clip:

In addition to being politically crucial, Texas’s 13th Congressional District is the second-largest in the Republican stronghold of Texas, covering over 40,000 miles. The area covers the entire panhandle of Texas and stretches east toward the Dallas-Fortworth area, Amarillo and Wichita Falls. These cities are the major centers of the district. See the image below for illustration:

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