Idaho State Rep: “I Don’t Know Why Planned Parenthood Hasn’t been Nuked Off of State Street”

At a local legislative town hall yesterday, Idaho Republican state representative Vito Barbieri was asked how high he prioritized full bans on abortions. His response was that there was a “schism in the pro-life movement” and “I don’t know why, to quote someone down there, I don’t know why Planned Parenthood hasn’t been nuked off State Street.”

Barbieri continued, “I don’t know why America has not been judged if you are to say that we’re not being judged now for murder, 42 million babies worldwide murdered this year or last year. Judgment is coming. That’s not my job. We know whose job that is. We are all working to save babies: one baby, a million babies, we’re all working for that.”

Newsweek was the first mainstream media outlet to write about this calling it an ‘anti-abortion tirade‘ and according to a local article, Mistie Tolman, Idaho state director for Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, said in a news release that Barbieri’s statement is “deeply concerning.” She also went on to say “obviously we were really concerned when we first heard about Representative Barbieri’s comments that he made at the town hall”.

“Planned Parenthood has long been a target of anti-abortion violence, and comments like these only further incite violence,” Tolman said. “Anti-abortion violence is single-issue terrorism, and anti-abortion extremists are considered a domestic terrorist threat by the U.S. Department of Justice.”

“We’re calling on speaker (Scott) Bedke to actually have a conversation with representative Barbieri and also for a formal ethics investigation”, Tolman also added.

See the full story in the YouTube video below:

Some might see a double standard here, or question if people will hold presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg accountable for his recent comments as well. Apparently Bloomberg joked about “droning” political opponents according to Big League Politics:

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