Debbie Dingell Says Joe Biden has Seen Border Photos, Therefore he Doesn’t Need to Bother Visiting

U.S. House Rep Debbie Dingell (D-MI) doesn’t think that Joe Biden needs to see the southern border for himself, as he has “seen the photos.” This is enough from the representative from Michigan.

Tuesday, Fox News’ Sandra Smith asked Dingell if she would like to see Biden visit the border. Dingell shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I don’t care if he visits the border or not. That doesn’t, he doesn’t need to visit the border to know that we’ve got a problem.”

“You’ve got people that report to him every day about what the problem is,” Dingle continued.

Dingle then pointed to the question Smith asked as a problem, “Sometimes we fixate on these little issues, Do you think the president doesn’t know that we’ve got a problem at the border and what the issues are?”

Biden continues to declare that our border is closed, even with 5 million crossings since he has taken office. This leads many to wonder if he sees it as a problem at all.

Smith then asked, “Not necessary to see it first hand?” and added, “that’s a little issue?”

Dingell struggled to find the words, then responded, “I think he knows it’s got to be addressed. He’s gotten the reports, he’s seen the photos, so that’s, at some point he may or may not go, but I think he knows it’s gotta get fixed.”

Dingell seemed to backtrack a bit stating he may or may not go. Biden has made it clear there are more important things to be done than to visit the southern border where we are seeing what some are calling an invasion.

The Biden Administration has made one thing clear in the opinions of many, the border is a low priority and they aren’t too concerned with the invasion.

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