Jesse Watters Announces He and His Wife are Expecting a Baby Girl

Monday on “The Five” Jesse Watters announced he and his wife Emma are expecting a baby girl.

Proudly Jesse shared, “My wife Emma is pregnant, with a girl. She’s five months along, which I think is halfway through… and she looks fantastic, you can’t even tell that she’s pregnant. And we have pink cupcakes.”

“We’re having a little trouble with the name situation.” Greg Gutfeld jumped in, “Why aren’t you going to leave that up to the child?” Watters plays along, “The gender?”

Gutfeld continues, “There is no gender until the child decides.” “No” Watters answers, “We assign gender at birth in our family, and we usually get it right.”

Watters has three other children, Jesse Jr with his wife Emma and twin girls from his first marriage, Ellie and Sophie.

Another Fox News anchor, Kayleigh McEnany had her baby boy last week. On the show, she co-hosts ‘Outnumbered’ the other cohorts announced his arrival. They shared pictures McEnany’s family with their new baby boy Nash.

Congratulations to all, it is exciting news to hear about the new and awaiting additions to the Fox News families.

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