Dem Rep Who Praised Trump Doubles Down and Sues MI Governor Whitmer

Michigan State Representative Karen Whitsett has filed a lawsuit against Governor Whitmer. Today President Trump was in Michigan, while there he sat down with a panel of African American and faith leaders. Karen Whitsett was one of those included.

During the panel, Whitsett proclaims, “oh, and I also took a note from you (President Trump) and so I actually filed a lawsuit to the governor today as well. So I thought you would like to know that”. At this time it is unclear what the lawsuit encompasses exactly as this is a developing story. You can see her announcement below:

Whitsett had come out previously crediting President Trump with increasing the availability of hydroxychloroquine which she took when diagnosed with COVID-19. Whitsett came under fire from other Democrats for her praise of Trump.

Trump recently announced that he was also taking hydroxychloroquine and has been for a couple of weeks. This announcement was met with heavy criticism from many Democrats including Nancy Pelosi who also called the President “Morbidly Obese”, stating that someone of his age and sized shouldn’t be taking hydroxychloroquine.