Dems Furious as New GOP Virginia AG Urges SCOTUS to Overturn Roe, Fires January 6th Investigator

Liberals are trigged as the new GOP Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares urged the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Miyares argued, “Virginia is now of the view that the Consitution is silent on the question of abortion. Virginia now urges this Court to reverse the Fifth Circuit.” This is a huge switch as the previous Virgina Attorney General, a Democrat, was a strong supporter of Roe.

He later argued for state’s rights urging them to make this a state legislated issue, “This Court should restore judicial neutrality to the abortion debate by permitting the people of the several States to resolve these questions for themselves.”

“NEW: Virginia’s new Republican attorney general has urged the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying it is now the state’s position that the case was ‘wrongly decided.’ “

In addition to this, he fired Tim Heaphy from his post at the University of Virgina who was also investigating January 6th. A spokeswoman for Miyares, Victoria LaCivita, said, “Our decision was made after reviewing the legal decisions made over the last couple of years. The Attorney General wants the university counsel to return to giving legal advice based on law, and not the philosophy of a university. We plan to look internally first for the next lead counsel.”

“Capitol riot investigator fired from University of Virginia post by state’s new GOP attorney general”

The two decisions coming just from the Attorney General match the new direction in which the Youngkin administration is bringing Virgina into. While some conservatives were worried the Youngkin administration would be too moderate, they already seem to be exceeding their expectations. Meanwhile the Democrats are just as equally unhappy.

This isn’t to imply that there aren’t people from parties who want January 6th investigated but some think the investigations are going too far and pulling people in who were not actually involved. Others simply want conservatives in office.

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