Devin Nunes: Dems Have Set Up Washington D.C. Like a ‘Hollywood Movie Set’ With National Guard Actors

Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) appeared on Newsmax last night with Greg Kelly and called out the Democrats for setting up what he believes is like a “Hollywood movie set” in Washington D.C. with National Guard actors.

The interview began with Kelly asking Nunes where he was and he said that he was in his home state, but half of its national guard units weren’t because they were in D.C. “when nobody else is there.”

Kelly then asked, “Why are they there?” He suggested it was because he feels like “it’s an optics mission with a target audience in mind. They are trying to damage Trump supporters somehow with this.”

Nunes agreed and said, “They build a narrative, they create a narrative, and then they have to watch the narrative play out and the way they do that is, it’s like building a Hollywood movie set.”

“Remember at first, and I think this is ultimately going to come out if we ever do learn the truth, Pelosi and company didn’t want the Guard there because they had criticized President Trump when the White House was under siege, churches were under fire, and we had all these crazy riots all over the country,” Nunes explained, “That’s why they didn’t want the military there.”

“Now, they love it because they get to have the optics that all Republicans, all conservatives are all rioters and very dangerous and so why not have the razor wire and military there… makes us look like a third world country,” Nunes continued.

Nunes then said, sarcastically, “Thank God you’ve got all the 80-year-old Politburo members, the Socialist Democratic Party. They’re going to protect the American people.”

“The media’s going to protect them, and the social media companies are going to protect them,” Nunes concluded, exasperatedly.