Disgraced Sex Crime Accusee Andrew Cuomo Bloviates on Rittenhouse Verdict: ‘Stain on the Soul of America’ and ‘Sends Dangerous Message’

Disgraced former Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who continues to face fallout from sexual harrassment allegations, curiously chose to weigh in today on the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial.

Incredibly, Cuomo said in a tweet, “Today’s verdict is a stain on the soul of America, & sends a dangerous message about who & what values our justice system was designed to protect.”

“We must stand unified in rejecting supremacist vigilantism & with one voice say: this is not who we are,” Cuomo added.

While a few supporters of Cuomo came to his defense in replies, many came to point out the irony in his tweet.

Conservative verified Twitter user Beth Baumann stated, “Nothing like a sexual predator telling us about our values.”

Trump supporter Joyce Day told Cuomo in regards to his handling of COVID-19, “A stain on the soul of America is that you are still a free man after killing over 15,000 people including my friend’s mother!”

Yesterday, a lawyer for Cuomo called on New York state Democratic Attorney General Letitia James to recuse herself from any decisions regarding the sexual harassment case against the former governor and claimed that her gubernatorial campaign created a conflict of interest.

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