Tulsi Gabbard Declares That ‘The Jury Got It Right’ With Rittenhouse Verdict, Insists Charges Were Politically Motivated ‘Which Itself Should Be Considered Criminal’

Former U.S. House Rep Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has been vocal about the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, releasing a video previously and discussing it during an appearance on Fox News.

Following Rittenhouse’s vindication, Gabbard reacted in a tweet where she declared that “The jury got it right—finding Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges.”

“The fact that charges were brought before any serious investigation is evidence that the government was motivated by politics, which itself should be considered criminal,” Gabbard insisted.

In a previous tweet earlier this week where she shared a clip of her appearance on Fox News, Gabbard said, “Pro-antifa MSM’s biased reporting of Rittenhouse trial was disgusting. No interest in facts.”

“They smear anyone who disagrees with them politically (esp those who express love for our country) as white supremacists or domestic terrorists. They should be ashamed, but they’re not,” Gabbard explained.

Last week, we reported on a video she had tweeted out:

Former U.S. House Rep Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has recently been taking positions that certainly are putting her at odds with many in her party.

Today, Gabbard released a video about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that is sure to once again clash with what most Democrats believe to be the case currently.

Gabbard chastised the prosecutor in the trial, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, and blamed the government for dropping the ball in the first place.

In a tweet that included the video, Gabbard said, “The prosecutor in the Rittenhouse trial clearly didn’t do due diligence before making the decision to prosecute.”

“This tragedy never would have happened if the government carried out its responsibilities to protect the safety, lives, and property of innocent people,” Gabbard added.

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