DOOM AND GLOOM: Biden Insists Global Warming Can’t ‘Get Any Better Than it is Today, it Only Can Get Worse’

As we reported earlier, President Joe Biden visited Boise, Idaho, to discuss wildfires where he was greeted by a large crowd of protesters.

Biden met with the Republican governor, Brad Little and during a discussion with him regarding the wildfires, he insisted that global warming can’t “get any better than it is today, it only can get worse.”

A clip was shared by The Hill and in the clip, Biden can be seen telling Little that as part of the $3.5T spending bill that he wants passed, money would be spent on disaster relief.

Biden said the bill needed to be passed because “smaller” states can’t carry the burden of the wildfires and bragged about the “federal system” which helps those “smaller” states, in terms of population for disasters like that.

The Idaho Press noted that this year’s wildfire season in Idaho has been relatively moderate in the southern portion of the state, although forest fires have raged more extensively in northern Idaho.

“The reality is we have a global warming problem, a serious global warming problem, and it’s consequential. What’s going to happen is things aren’t going to go back to what they were,” Biden asserted.

The Associated Press reported that White House press secretary Jen Psaki had said on Thursday that the president wants to highlight how wildfire season now lasts all year, and that severe weather affects one in three Americans.

Climate change has made the American West much warmer and drier in the past 30 years and will continue to make weather more extreme and wildfires more frequent and destructive, according to scientists.

At the discussion, Biden also gave Little a science lesson by explaining that pollution from one state can affect another state and touted that for every $1 spent in his spending bill, it will save $6 in the long run.

Biden continued to ramble, claiming that in the past that he wanted to move to Idaho and interviewed with a company there, but didn’t and that he became president because he wasn’t “qualified” to be a fire fighter, police officer, or a priest.

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