Protest Mounts as Biden Set to Visit Boise Idaho

Thursday it was announced Joe Biden would be visiting the biggest city in Idaho, Boise. He is set to visit The National Interagency Fire Center. Many Idahoans are not happy with the president and are set to protest his visit to Idaho.

Media Right News is on the ground at the protest and shared a live video earlier this morning. Biden is set to arrive in Boise around 11:30 MST.

As you can see in the video many people have amassed for the protest with signs and flags. Many of the participants are dressed patriotically.

Gubernatorial Candidate Ed Humphreys is down at the protest. Ed called for all patriots to come down and support the protest of Biden’s visit to Idaho.

The way in which Biden handled the pull out from Afghanistan and his recent announcement of fines for certain businesses that don’t mandate vaccines has left a sour taste in many Americans’ mouths. We will bring you more as we can on Biden’s Idaho visit as we can.