Elon Musk Breaks Silence on NIN Singer Boycotting Twitter, tells ‘Catturd’ that ‘Reznor is Actually a Crybaby’

After Media Right News reported (in our opinion) that Trent Reznor threw a temper tantrum, Elon Musk appears to agree. See our earlier report, then continue on reading this story:

The hilarious account “Catturd” on Twitter is apparently enjoyed by Elon Musk (and many others). That account recently mentioned how it’s been some time now since former President Trump Twitter account was reinstated, and that the world is still fully functional in so many words.

“Breaking … 48 hours since @elonmusk reinstated President Trump’s Twitter account and the world still hasn’t ended.”

Musk appeared to agree:

“And it turns out that Trent “nine inch nails” Reznor is actually a crybaby 🤣”

Many people did not know that NIN (Nine Inch Nails) singer Trent Reznor was very active on Twitter to begin with. This sounds similar to another story we did about Sara Bareilles.

The singer who sung that people should say what they want to say was not happy that Musk was going to let people say what they want to say and also announced her departure in airport intercom fashion.

Nevertheless, mainstream media continues to simultaneously report on these washed up celebs leaving Twitter while Twitter is simultaneously in “jeopardy” of crashing due to high traffic.

So it seems not many will miss the small batch of virtue signalers after all. CBS News took a Twitter break as well but came back within 48 hours, which Musk also thought was hilarious as well.

Twitter expects high traffic this week due to the World Cup as well. Stay tuned to Media Right News for more updates. So far it seems Twitter will be quite operational despite massive liberal crying.

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