Fox News Speculates Based on a ‘Source’ That Joe Biden Might be Thinking of Getting Rid of Kamala Harris as VP

Recently we reported that Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating was 28%. Meanwhile, we reported that Joe Biden’s was 38%. While 38% is devastatingly low enough, Harris’s even 10% lower number may be sending the White House into a panic spiral.

We have to address this story as only speculative, but Fox News’ Chad Pergram says he has reliable sources telling him that the Senate and House may be preparing to affirm a different VP at some point.

Again, we aren’t saying this is true, but that Fox News is speculating about it. While this may or may not happen, there’s certainly a lot of evidence to show that the Biden/Harris relationship may be in shambles.

“Now here’s a window into my world. As you know, I appreciate process and mechanics. So I got a message from someone who knows Capitol Hill very well. They suggested I should familiarize myself with the process to confirm a vice president with a vacancy in the senate and the house.”

He continued: “To be clear, this is not to say that something is afoot here, but I always do my homework, especially about process. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, who served under President Ford, was the last Vice President confirmed by congress. The senate and house must confirm the vice president.” In case it was confusing what Pergram said, Jesse Watters confirmed what the speculation was about by saying:

“If the Biden White House does try to replace Kamala Harris in the near future, the border may be a big reason why, but it’s not just Kamala’s fault, it takes a village of bumbling bureaucrats to create tent cities along the Rio Grande…”


Stay tuned for more updates on this situation. Previously we reported on the alleged White House chaos:

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