Even Ben Shapiro, who Isn’t Particularly Fond of Donald Trump, Says Alvin Bragg Indictment is ‘Hot Garbage’

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire has not always been the biggest fan of former President Donald Trump. Of the many available examples, we present to you a couple of them below:

If you look at one of the two articles we published before and above, Shapiro even called a past statement by Donald Trump “hot garbage”. However, even Shapiro, who is probably hoping Ron DeSantis runs for president and wins in 2024, can’t look past the Alvin Bragg Donald Trump indictment fiasco, using the same “garbage” description, but this time for Manhattan D.A. Bragg’s indictment.

Many legal experts say the indictment is not likely to hold up. Others think Bragg wants to tie up Trump during campaign season so he will quit running for president. Even if he doesn’t quit, Democrats can campaign against Trump as someone indicted for a crime, even if he hasn’t yet or ever will be found guilty. See Shapiro’s tweet:

“This indictment is hot garbage.”

This story highlights that with a few exceptions and total “RINOs”, almost all Republicans are united behind Trump in this story and against the apparent political persecution. Democrats may feel drunk with power, however, as the electoral college favors them more and more for presidential races.

Without a major narrative shift in what voters want, Republicans will have to get creative to beat Democrats at their elections and games in our view.

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