Keith Olbermann Furious that NC Dem Jumped Ship to GOP, Wants her ‘Sued for Financial Fraud’

Democrat lawmaker Tricia Cotham has made good after we reported on her plan to leave the Democrat party.

It’s been officially announced now. This news is leaving liberal pundits and politicians livid and practically foaming at the mouth with fury.

See our original story then continue on:

Keith Olbermann quote tweeted an NBC news article showing said rage:

“She was elected last November as a Democrat, got contributions and endorsements as a Democrat, and switched parties in…April? Seems to me donors and the party need to sue her for financial fraud.”

Olbermann isn’t always taken seriously as he loses his temper a lot. Another recent tweet of his demands that Donald Trump be put in jail:

Despite Olbermann’s apparent anger issues, folks such as him in our view often show how many liberals feel on the inside.

Nevertheless, the NC GOP just got more leverage and it’s unlikely in our view the Democrats can stop Cotham from switching, although they could potentially try to “sue” it’s unclear how much success there would be.

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  1. Is that has been still around?

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