Former Aide Darren Beattie Says President Trump Should ‘Pardon John McCain Posthumously for Treason’

Former Trump Aide Darren Beattie has come out and said that the president should grant the late John McCain a posthumous pardon for the “treason” he committed. You can see the full Tweet below, “In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m calling on POTUS to grant John McCain a posthumous pardon for the treason he committed against our nation.” 

This seems to be a facetious swipe from Beattie and more of an attack on all ‘RINO’s’ than an actual and serious call to pardon the late Senator. It could even possibly be a swipe at Cindy McCain.

John McCain was thought of as a traitor among some Trump supporters as he often voted against the President. Many Democrats decided he ‘wasn’t so bad after all’ after he showed enmity towards Donald Trump.

Many Trump supporters were upset with some of the RINO’s as in 2017 three of them including John McCain voted against repealing Obamacare in the Senate. President Trump expressed frustration with this. 

The late Senator is loved by most Democrats and seen as a hero but was disliked by the Democrats while he was alive. Republicans seem to have a mostly unfavorable opinion of the Senator, although there are a few who still like him.

His wife is also not a fan of Trump and supported Biden’s campaign to spite Donald in the eyes of many. Trump recently appointed Darren Beattie to a commission that helps preserve sites related to the Holocaust.

The Anti-Defamation League is furious by this move as they believe Beattie to be an unsavory character in their eyes for his affiliation with VDare. It’s hard to take the ADL and the SPLC seriously though because it seems anyone to the right of Mitt Romney is a radical to the left these days.

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