Former CNN Anchor Brian Stelter Claims CNN and Fox News Didn’t Time Carlson and Lemon News Together

Today the shocking news was unveiled that both Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon are leaving Fox News and CNN respectively. In our earlier article about a Megyn Kelly tweet, we also went into detail about former CNN reporter Brian Stelter’s Twitter thread about the news.

Now, Stelter, no longer employed at CNN, claims that Fox News and CNN definitely did not time the firings to happen on the same Monday morning. It’s unclear how he knows this information for sure.

“To be clear: Fox News did not know that CNN was terminating Don Lemon today and CNN did not know that Fox was ousting Tucker Carlson. This was a complete and crazy coincidence.”

In the below article you can see some more of Stelter’s Twitter ramblings from today.

Read more about today’s explosive news:

With these high profile reporter departures, it’s unclear if there are more shoes to drop. Many on the right are saying they may boycott Fox News. Many on the left cheer Carlson’s departure.

On the other hand, folks like former President Trump are happy to see Lemon out at CNN. Lemon was often a target of Carlson’s on his show, while CNN hosts also often mocked Fox News hosts.

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