GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate Thrown Through Metal Detector By Security Guards While Being Removed From Commissioners Meeting

Shocking video shows GOP Lt. Gov. candidate Mack Miller being thrown through a metal detector by security guards while being removed from a Clark County commissioners meeting.

Twitter user Ryan Kibby tweeted a video of the altercation and said, “Lt. Gov Mack Miller (NV) assaulted by security thugs and thrown out of Clark County Commissioners Meeting.”

One Twitter user asked, “What the heck? Why?” to which Kibby responded, “Probably because he’s a republican.”

Another Twitter user tagged MSNBC’s Joy Reid and told her, “Here is a black man being assaulted by police. Care to comment?”

It is unlikely that Reid will come to Miller’s defense because he is a Republican.

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers shared the video of Miller getting bounced out of the meeting and wondered, “What in the world?”

Another video that was taken by Miller himself shows the beginning of the situation, where protesters were voicing their displeasure about a resolution that was about to be passed.

The incident occurred at a meeting where a committee vote declared the spread of COVID-19 “misinformation” a public health crisis.

Fox News transcribed the incident:

“Hey, hey, wait a minute. What the hell?” candidate Mack Miller is heard saying in a video he filmed before he was thrown out of the Clark County Commission meeting on Tuesday. He claimed security officers had been “shoving and pushing” people in the meeting. 

“Don’t push me, man,” Miller is also heard telling the officers. 

“Don’t hurt him, don’t hurt him,” onlookers in the video are heard saying. “What are you doing?”

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