VA Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell Suspended From Twitter

Virginia Congressional Candidate and America First conservative Jarome Bell (R) was suspended from Twitter on Thursday.

“Jarome Bell, Congressional Candidate in Virginia suspended on Twitter.”

Bell has been tough on election integrity and immigration. He is running on a strict America First platform which, includes policies like an immigration moratorium. There has yet to be a reason released as to why Bell was suspended from Twitter as many may see this as out of the blue.

However, some may have possible theories. Newsweek previously reported, “Twitter won’t remove a tweet from a pro-Trump congressional candidate that called for the execution of “all involved” in election fraud.

Jarome Bell, a Republican running in Virginia’s second congressional district, made the remarks after an audit in Arizona’s Maricopa County upheld President Joe Biden‘s win.

But Bell, who served in the Navy for 27 years, called for audits in all 50 states. He tweeted on Friday: “Audit all 50 states. Arrest all involved. Try all involved. Convict all involved. Execute all involved. #MaricopaCountyFraud.”

The tweet prompted outrage, and many questioned why Twitter had not removed it under its policy prohibiting the glorification of violence.

Twitter originally had said that the tweet he sent out had not violated the rules of Twitter however, some may speculate that now as his election continues to inch closer and closer that may have changed. We will have to see if Bell’s team releases a statement regarding his suspension and if he will be allowed back on the platform.

Bell is of course not the first Republican to be censored or banned from social media as former President Donald Trump was and many other America First conservatives have also been banned in the past from social media sites. Some on the right may be worried that if they say the “wrong” things they will be banned as well.

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