Governor McMaster Signs Open Carry With Training Act Making South Carolina a Second Amendment Sanctuary State

Republican South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster celebrated on Twitter as he signed the Open Carry with Training Act into law which he described in his words.

“Today, I signed the Open Carry with Training Act into law! I will proudly support any legislation that protects or enhances a South Carolinian’s ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, and that’s exactly what this bill does.”

In Governor McMaster’s terms, it will make it easier for people to get concealable carry permits as it ends the $50 fee to get one. If they have a concealed weapon permit, those who hold the permit can carry it in the open or in the vehicle unless signage directly says otherwise.

This bill will go into effect in 90 days, officially making South Carolina a Second Amendment Sanctuary State in the governor’s terms.

This seems like a good bill as it will allow easier access to gun permits and more availability to open carry as the governor declares is a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State.

Governors should look to a bill like this to sign and encourage their state legislature to introduce legislation like this to protect gun rights in their state.

Making it less expensive to get a concealed carry permit allows more residents in South Carolina to obtain one and thus can exercise their right to keep and bear arms. This bill certainly made the anti-gun left upset.

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