Maricopa County Arizona Wants 2020 Election Audit Immediately Ended, Senator Rogers: ‘How Convenient, And….NO’

The Maricopa County Board sent a letter asking the Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to end the audit citing that it would be for “the good of the country”.

“BREAKING In 13-page letter, Maricopa County Board calls on Senate President Karen Fann to end the audit: ‘It is time to end this for the good of the country.’”

Freshman Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) responded to the release of that letter on Twitter saying no to stopping the audit and asked them how convenient it was they are now asking for the audit of the vote to end.

“So yeah, Maricopa doesn’t want us to finish the audit. Newsflash. They never wanted us to start it.”

Some like Senator Rogers may ask if the Maricopa County Board is trying to hide anything as they are now calling for the audit to stop which could mean they want to prevent the public from seeing something though this isn’t proven.

Many could suggest the Maricopa County Board is panicking as the audit is underway and they believe voter irregularities may be found and the state could flip though many would say this is a long shot.

We will have to see though if one thing is certain is that the Arizona Audit will continue to go on as the Arizona Senate Republicans are pushing for transparency.

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