Greg Gutfeld ‘Jokes’ That Brian Stelter Will Have a Larger Audience at Harvard Than CNN

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld didn’t waste any time resuming his mocking of Brian Stelter after the former CNN host landed a new Harvard gig.

After Stelter announced his departure from CNN, Gutfeld fired off a tweet where he told him that his show is hiring.

It appears that Stelter didn’t take him up on the offer, ultimately.

Last night, Gutfeld pointed out that it was his birthday and his ”biggest present of all” was that ”Brian Stelter got a job and it didn’t involve Jeffrey Toobin’s hand.”

“Oh, yes, the unemployed Oompa Loompa was hired by Harvard to hold discussions on threats to democracy.”

“I only hope their endowment can afford the threat to their plumbing.”

“And to paraphrase that guy in Jaws, Harvard’s going to need a bigger toilet.”

“But if he gets 20 students, that’s more viewers than he had at CNN.”

“Now when teenagers call him on his lies, he can actually fail them.”

“So what makes Stelter an expert qualified to teach at Harvard as opposed to, say, a stapler or a bag of loose nickels?”

“He’s not. But they take care of their own. He was their useful idiot.”

“His idea of a threat to democracy was just a threat to Democrats. To Bryan, those threats were you, Trump and maybe salads.”

“And really the only ‘ocracy’ that threatens them is a meritocracy because based on merit, Brian would be working at Taco Bell instead of blocking their drive thru at 8 a.m., just wait like everybody else, Brian.”

“But you know what they say, those who can’t do, eat. No, it’s eat.”

“So first Harvard hires de Blasio and then Stelter. So who’s next? Could it be Alec Baldwin? I mean, there is a class that will definitely need a trigger warning.”

“Of course, Brian’s only going to do at Harvard what he did at CNN which is push the message that you guys are dangerous, that you guys are terrorists. And he’s not alone. If you watched the liberal media yesterday on September 11th, you would have thought it was 19 members of Mar-a-Lago that flew into the Twin Towers. If only Chuck Todd could wonder, are we now as a nation battling a threat from within, a threat equal or greater than what we faced after 911?”

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