Group of Trump Supporters on Plane to D.C. for ‘Save America March’ Chant ‘Traitor’ at Mitt Romney

A Plane full of Trump supporters who are most likely heading to the “Save America March” tomorrow were also joined by “RINO” Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) which caused the Trump supporters to begin chanting “traitor” at him during the flight. Below you can see the video.

They began chanting “traitor” and then one lady is heard saying, “Resign Mitch, we wanna know your connection to Burisma and Joe Biden. Mitt Romney your constituents want to know why you’re not trying to stop the certifying of the electoral college. Mitt Romney, you don’t listen to your constituents.”

Another lady said, “We love you Mitt Romney, your great, you’re doing awesome. I am one of your constituents and I think you are doing wonderful.”

The Trump supporter responded to the lady suggesting Mitt Romney is doing “wonderful” saying, “Your one of maybe a million who think opposite of you.”

The first lady was most likely referring to the Republicans in Utah who are loyal to the president and feel betrayed by this RINO for his hate for Trump and his refusal to stand for him. You can see the negative opinion many Trump supporters hold of Mitt Romney and other RINO’s as President Trump is being hanged out to dry by most GOP Senators.

The enthusiasm for the president is high as thousands are expected to gather in D.C. with the president to show their support for him as Congress will vote on certifying the election results. No matter which side you are on, it is safe to say there has never been so much energy and enthusiasm under a political candidate like President Trump.

Update with newer video showing Romney at airport:

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